Holy Communion at Fewston
2nd August 2020
Service of Holy Communion led by Rev Stephen McCaulay.

Information on the service from Rev Stephen McCaulay:
Guidance from the national church and the diocese is still being finalised but at present this is (probably) what our services will look and feel like. In our buildings we will still need to keep our distance physically from each other. We are still being advised to sit 2 metres from each other if possible. We will use hand sanitiser when we arrive and when we leave. We will not be able to sing hymns. We will be able to receive Holy Communion but only bread. I will probably have to wear a mask and gloves. Of course, if you are uncomfortable coming for communion please just sit in your pew. We won’t be taking up a collection but would ask that you put your offering in the collection plate before the service or make an offering through your bank. (If you need guidance on this please talk to one of our Treasurers or myself). We won’t be sharing the peace (at least not physically!) and we won’t be able to share in fellowship and refreshments after the service. Apart from that it will be just like normal!


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