Church Phone Line


A message from Reverend Stephen McCaulay

For those who struggle to use online resources the church has now set up a free phone line called ‘Daily Hope.’

You can call it at any time, day or night on 0800 804 8044.

The whole system is pre-recorded so is always available.

The first thing you will hear will be the Archbishop of Canterbury welcoming you. You can listen to his whole message or move on through the options.

Option 1 takes you to Hymns we love. This is a short 20 minute service based round a well known hymn.

Option 2 takes you to Hymn line where you can listen to hymns.

Option 3 takes you to prayer line for a variety of prayers.

Option 4 gives you more options. (but I haven’t explored that yet!).

So remember 0800 804 8044